Handwoven January/February 2012

January/February 2012

Shadow Weave Pillows 
Sarah H. Jackson


A Trio of Shimmering
Shadow-Weave Scarves 
Susan Horton


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All You Need for Shadow Weave
Madelyn van der Hoogt and Lynn Tedder

Log-Cabin Pillow
Jane Patrick

Doublewidth Log-Cabin Blanket 
Jennifer Moore

Me and My Shadows!
Jannie Taylor

Shadow-Weave Shawls in Bamboo
Robin Lynde

Chenille and Shadow WeavePerfect Partners!
Jean Korus

Shaded Shadows for Scarves
Diane Kelly

Shimmering Shadow-Weave Scarves
Susan Horton

Reach for the Stars wtih Color-and-Weave 
Rebecca Winter

V-Shaped Scarves
Judith Shangold

Möbius Poncho in Shadow Weave
Sarah Fortin

Shadow-Weave Vest
Tracy Kaestner

Colored Shadow-Weave Blocks for Baby Blankets
Terry Newhouse Flynn

Shadow-Weave Circles for a Throw
Suzie Liles

Shadow Weave Goes Big and Bold
Sarah H. Jackson

Checkerboard Rug in Warp Rep
Tom Knisely

Op-Art Rug in Warp Rep
Rosalie Neilson 

Op-Art Rug in Warp Rep
Rosalie Neilson


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