Handwoven Hearts

I love Valentine’s Day. I know, I know, it’s a “Hallmark holiday” and designed to sell cards and fancy dinners, but I still love it. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that I view Valentine’s Day as a reminder to slow down and enjoy a day celebrating the people you love—no flowers or store-bought cards required. In fact, I can’t think of a better way to tell somebody that you love them than with the gift of handwoven hearts, so here are some of my favorite Valentine’s Day-friendly projects.

handwoven hearts

Susan J. Foulke’s sweet 8-shaft Baltic Hearts Tea Towels.

The first one that comes to mind is Susan J. Foulke’s absolutely gorgeous 8-shaft Baltic Hearts Tea Towels. These white towels feature a simple and sweet heart band from side to side, with the option of weaving a coordinating heart-patterned inkle hanging strap. The pattern makes 2 towels, so you can give both to somebody you love or you can weave one to give and one to keep and decorate your kitchen for the holiday. You can also take the draft and use it as a jumping-off point to design runners, placemats, and other heart-covered projects.

handwoven hearts

The colors in Sarah H. Jackson’s Shades of India towels aren’t just reminiscent of Indian textiles—they’re also perfect for Valentine’s Day.

If you want a fun 4-shaft project, Sarah H. Jackson’s Shades of India towels. Woven in bumberet—a structure as fun to weave as it is to say—these warm-colored towels are sure to bring a smile. Give the towels by themselves, or wrap them around a bottle of something lovely, or put them in a basket with some homemade cookies.

handwoven hearts

Any Bhatia’s Yarn to Love Scarf.

Now, not everyone delights in towels the way I do—I know! For those folks, scarves are a lovely gift, especially during this extra-cold time of year. Anu Bhatia’s Yarn to Love Scarf, from the Handwoven Loom Theory: Rigid-Heddle Scarf Collection, is quick and easy to weave (always a plus), and I can’t get enough of those colors—especially the fabulous way the raspberry pops off of the charcoal and the silvery gray.

If you’re looking for a more masculine scarf, I recommend Beverly Jones’s Scarf Designed With a Guy in Mind, featured in the January/February 2013 issue of Handwoven. I’ve woven that scarf for 2 men in my life, and it’s the scarf they each love the most. It is a classic, 4-shaft twill plaid pattern and is woven using extra-soft baby alpaca. Either weave it as written or swap colors to fit your intended.

handwoven hearts

Beverly Jones’s Scarf Designed With a Guy in Mind.

Want a project you can do with kiddos? My Danish Heart Basket is as perfect for Valentine’s Day as it is for Christmas. To make it extra special, fill it with some fun Valentine stickers or sweet treats.

Finally, if you prefer to design your own project, check out these free Valentine’s Day drafts and WIFs for 4-, 6-, and 8-shaft twill, as well as 8-shaft huck lace. Use these drafts as jumping-off points for scarves, shawls, kitchen linens, and anything else your heart—or sweetheart—desires.

Happy Weaving!

Featured Image: Close up of Susan J. Foulke’s Baltic Hearts Tea Towels. Photo by Joe Coca.

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