Handwoven Goods—Recycled Yarn and more!


Freedom Roller

You could weave forever with the Freedom Roller. This quick and easy-to attach cloth beam extension is available for Ashford Rigid-Heddle Looms. The roller allows you to weave longer fabrics and use thicker weft yarns without narrowing your shed because of build-up on the front beam. It’s a breeze to attach the roller or take it off for projects where you don’t need it. Now you can weave doublewidth projects, longer and thicker rag and rya knot rugs, and you can weave multiple projects on a single warp without cutting off and retying. The Freedom Roller is available in three sizes: 16″, 24″, and 32″. The Freedom Roller kit includes a clicker pawl, warp stick, and warp stick ties.
www.ashford.co.nz; (643) 308-9087 (New Zealand)



If you want to weave the most responsible fabric in the world, you have to start with “the most responsible thread on the planet,” Thread recycled yarn designed for weaving. With colors made from green plastic bottles or other recycled plastic mixed with dyed or undyed U.S.-grown cotton, it doesn’t get much more sustainable than this. The approximately 8,000 yd/lb 100% polyester yarn comes in two colors: soda-bottle green and gray. The 9/2 50% polyester, 50% cotton yarn is undyed.



Ride the waves with this supplementary beater. Handcrafted in Rhode Island and made of hard maple with a smooth, seamless finish and beveled edges, this supplementary beater from RealFibers can be used on any loom to create undulating and eye-catching designs. Use the beater on any cloth up to 45″ wide. You control it and the waves it creates. Instructions included.
www.realfibers.com; (401) 595-4994


Fan Reed

Add some variety to your work with fan (ondulé) reeds from Woolgatherers. The fan reed creates pieces with surprising and unique patterns. Weaving with a fan reed allows you to create fabrics that are more fluid than those woven using a standard reed. Made in Germany of high-quality steel, these fan reeds come in two standard sizes, 16″ and 24″, both based on 2″ sections, although custom designs are possible. Fan reeds come ready for mounting and include a 15-minute video and a handout that gives information about the reeds, how to mount them, and their use.
www.woolgatherers.com; (920) 907-0510

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