Handwoven Goods: Llamas and More!


Weave the rainbow with the scrumptious Classic Shades yarn line from Universal Yarn. The brilliant hues found in each skein of yarn from the twenty-nine different colorways seem to almost melt into one another as they change, making it the perfect yarn for color-obsessed weavers. Use it in the weft with a solid-colored warp to get a striking, striped effect. Made from a blend of acrylic and wool, this soft yarn is surprisingly strong and holds up well when washed. It’s available in 100-gram skeins of 197 yards. www.universalyarn.com


Take on tapestry with these beautiful, handcrafted looms from Lost Pond Looms. Each hardwood loom is carefully handmade to order in western New York by the company’s founder and owner Craig Vogel. The looms are available in a variety of styles including The Peeper, which measures 12″ x 16″; The Dragonfly, which is 18″ x 20″; and The Bullfrog, which is 24″ wide with a height that adjusts from 24″ to 36″. Weavers who want to weave larger tapestries will also find looms that fit their needs: Lost Pond makes several varieties of large-scale tapestry looms, with the largest adjustable up to 6 x 6 feet. Each loom comes with a variety of weaving accessories so you can get started weaving something wonderful right away. www.etsy.com/shop/EdenBullrushesInc


Choose the perfect palette for your project using the Yarn-in-a-Jar from Vävstuga. Each jar contains the full range of hues for a specific type of yarn so you can play with different color combinations until you find the one that works best for your weaving—all without having to buy a full skein or cone. There are jars available for all of the wool yarns carried by Vävstuga, including the ever-popular Mora and Tuna, as well as the lines of 8/2 and 16/2 cottons and 22/2 cottolin. www.vavstuga.com/ (413) 625-8241


Take your weaving on the go and keep your notions safe in style with this fun project bag from Kettle Yarn Co. Measuring 11.25″ x 6.25″, this bag is perfect for toting around your pin loom, keeping your shuttles safe, and so much more. Made from 100% linen with a waxed interior, these sturdy bags will keep your weaving accessories safe while also keeping you safe from any stray scissors or pins that might try to jab their way out of the bag. Best of all, proceeds from the sale of each bag go to Education without Borders. Need something different? Check out the other Llamas bags available on the website! www.kettleyarnco.co.uk

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