Handwoven fabric and quilts

Back when all cloth was handwoven, no scrap was wasted. When clothing was worn out, the remaining fabric was often used to make quilts Today, commercial quilting fabric is a big industry, but many quilters also quilt with fabric that holds memories: a child's favorite garment, a grandmother's worn out tablecloth or handmade lace. Today's quilters also prize handwoven fabrics such as hand-dyed ikat or African mudcloth printed with traditional patterns. Weaver and quilter Pat Merrell made her clever "Sudoku" quilt from old neckties, but wouldn't this be a fun thing to make with handwoven samples? Having this as a goal would certainly encourage me to practice better "sampling hygiene."


Pat Merrell Sudoku quilt



Pat Merrell's clever

Sudoku-inspired quilt


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