Handwoven Corrections 2016


Tom Knisely: Notes From the Fell: Baby Blanket
Tom Knisely Baby Blanket_Chart Revised


Judit Ozoray’s Starry Sky Placemats
Corrected Tabby Color Order

Marilynn Cowgill’s Bow Knot Linen Panel Project at a Glance
The Bow Knot Linen Panel has an error in the yarn information in the project at a glance. For the warp and tabby weft, Marilynn used 16/2 linen, 2,400 yd/lb (not 5,500 yd/lb) and for the pattern weft used 4 ends of 16/1 linen (4,800 yd/lb) as one pattern weft end, not 16/2 linen.


The Draft: Tied Overshot
As published, Figure 2 showed treadling that did not match the drawdown, so here is the corrected figure. Madelyn van der Hoogt also covered and further explained this correction in her blog, “Ask Madelyn”. Download Correction


Nordic Notes Guitar Strap
Guitar Strap Corrected

Trudy Sonia Scarves
Trudy Sonia Scarves_Draft Figure1 Corrected

Marty Benson with Janet Giardina: Ozark QuilterTowels
Figure 2: Towel 1 draft (revised)

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