Handwoven Corrections 2010


In Alison Irwin’s project on page 56 there is an error in the warp color order. Where the chart indicates 100 threads of gold should be warped it should actually be 100 threads of black.

In Hazel Spencer’s article, “Doll dress in sock yarn” on page 61, the photo for d is incorrect.

Mary Cree Marker’s Scarf, page 36
Corrected draft

Handwoven Corrections 2010 November/December


For Sarah Fortin’s doubleweave scarf, March/April 2010, pages 44-45, the correct amount of Lace Yarn needed forweft is 900 yards.

Betty Bell’s placemats, March/April 2010, page 28
Corrected treadling


In Barbara Rucker’s bamboo scarf, January/February 2010, page 54) two threads in the center of the warp color order (in Figure 4) should be moved so that a Truffles thread is closest to the 13 center ends of Rosemary on both sides. See diagram.
Diagram Barbara Rucker’s bamboo scarf