Handwoven Corrections 2006

In Marvelyn Albert’s artice “A Knitted Look for Scarves Handwoven in Bead Leno,” page 50, the dental floss threader is needed for threading the fringe through small glass beads, not for threading warp threads through the snap rings to weave bead leno.

In Sheila O’Hara’s “It’s a Dog’s Life: a Comfy Bed in Taqueté,” page 59, the correct threading should be (the 7 was placed on the wrong row in the draft):
Handwoven Corrections September/October 2006 CORRECTIONS

Huck is wearing the wrong (Bedford cord) coat in Ruth Morrison’s “Canine Couture: Coats for Your Best Friend,” page 64. Here is the right (doubleweave) coat.
Handwoven Corrections September/October 2006 CORRECTIONS


Here is the correct tie-up for Kristine Linn’s huck lace towels in the January/February 2006 issue, page 34.
Handwoven Corrections January/February 2006

In Vicki Tardy’s “Teach it with Towels: Swedish Lace,” page 39, the correct treadling for sections f and g are: Handwoven Corrections January/February 2006

The mop cotton listed for Tom Knisely’s rep-weave rug, January/February 2006, page 58, is 8 strands of 8/2
cotton (420 yd/lb for the bundled yarn). For the rug, you need 165 yd of the bundled fiber (or other mop
cotton) or 1,320 yd of 8/2 cotton if you bundle your own.