Handwoven Corrections 2003

November/December 2003

Sandy Amazeen’s Lord of the Rings cloak, page 75
Here is the correct tie-up for Sandy Amazeen’s 8-shaft shadow- weave draft for her Lord of the Rings cloak fabric (see Figure 2, page 75, Handwoven, November/December 2003).
Handwoven Corrections November/December 2013

September/October 2003

Treadling, page 55
This is the correct treadling for the spot-weave bath towel in “Bath Accessories Au Natural,” by Karen Tenney.
Handwoven Corrections September/October 2003

January/February 2003

What’s Hot in Fibers, page 32-34
In Patsy’s article, “What’s Hot in Fibers,” (January/February 2003, pages 32–34), she was incorrectly described as living in Elk Grove Village, Indiana. Elk Grove Village is in Illinois. Also, some of you asked where you could obtain the yarns she features in her article. Many of them are available from Textura Trading Co.