Handwoven Corrections 2001

November/December 2001

Diamond Rug, page 46
In Project at-a-glance for the Diamond Rug (Debra Sharpee and Judith Yamamoto, November/December 2001, page 46), the warp width should be 361⁄3″.

September/October 2001

Wedding Altar Hanging, page 42
Here is the corrected treadling sequence for Patricia Springer’s wedding altar hanging (September/October 2001, page 42). See the corrected picks emphasized in bold.
Handwoven Corrections September/October 2001

Christmas Runner, page 76
The profile threading draft for Margaret Heller’s Christmas runner (September/October 2001, pages 76–78) is shown below with the blocks labeled correctly. Although there are six rows in the profile threading draft, only five block letters A-B-C-D-E are indicated at the side of the draft in the article instead of all six, A-B-C-D-E-F. Block F always weaves background and is threaded at both edges of the cloth (in summer and winter, this means 1-8-2-8 is threaded four times on each edge).
Handwoven Corrections September/October 2001

May/June 2001

Overshot Shawl, page 77
In the draft for Pat Palson’s overshot shawl (May/June 2001, page 77), there should be a 2x over the last pair of threads (2-1) on the left side of the second row in the threading.

March/April 2001

  • 8-Shaft Pinwheel Shawl, by Kathleen Norris
  • Turn Twill Color Effects, by Alice Schlein
  • Twill is for Towels, by Sharon Alderman
  • Advancing Twill Is for Four Shafts Too, by Barbara Elkins

January/February 2001

Huck Heaven: Linen Towels in Huck, page 45
Errors in “Huck Heaven: Linen Towels in Huck” appear on page 45. In Figure 7, add at the right side of the threading: 1-2 x 5 (10 ends, plain weave selvedge). The repeat should then be threaded 12 times instead of 15 (600 ends), followed by the 2-3-2-3-2 to balance (5 ends) and ending with 1-2 x 5 (10 ends, plain weave selvedge); total number of ends = 625.

Project at-a-glance box
Sentences with corrections are the only ones included here:
Warp order and length: 625 ends 5 yd long. Warp and weft spacing: 30 epi (2-3 in a 12-dent reed). Weft: 30 ppi. Yarns: Warp: 40/2 linen (6,000 yd/lb), half-bleached, 3,125 yd (10 1Ž2 oz); 20 yd 10/2 linen (1,500 yd/lb) or similar for Spanish Lace; 50 yd 20/1 (6,000 yd/lb) linen (or other) for Danish Medallion. Weft: 40/2 linen, 2,625 yd (7 oz).