Handwoven March/April 2018 Call for Submissions: The Tribal Issue

When my son wanted a rabbit, we found an ad for one that sounded perfect: black with a little mark of white, tiny, named “Jet.” We contacted the seller and she told us to meet her at a local rabbit show. Before that moment, I didn’t actually know such a thing existed. Two days later, my son and I walked into a high school gym full to the brim with rabbits and their owners. Soon, I learned a couple of other things—there are many more kinds of rabbits than the jackrabbit and cottontail, and rabbit enthusiasts abound. Since then, I’ve come to think of interest-subgroups such as rabbit enthusiasts as tribes. That came to mind when I was thinking of Handwoven’s upcoming tribal issue.

Many times I’ve heard weavers say they consider other weavers part of their tribe. Weaver tribe members understand the patience and time weaving takes and consider it a blessing in their life. The weaver tribe even has its own language as do many of the other tribes. I believe sports fans comprise a tribe. Only other fans of the same sport or the same team can truly understand a fan’s passion. Babywearers form another tribe. Most of us are familiar with baby wraps, but many babywearers are truly dedicated to the practice. We throw the term “foodie” around to mean anyone who is interested in eating good and healthy food. The foodie tribe is probably one of our largest tribes, but it can’t be larger than the chocolate tribe!

Most of us are members of multiple tribes and may be part of one tribe for a while before moving on to another. I was in the PTA tribe for a bit but left it when my son graduated from high school. Today, I consider myself a member of the weaver, knitter, Border Collie–lover, foodie, and chocolate tribes. I never did, however, become a member of the rabbit enthusiast’s tribe. Jet was a great pet, but my interest in rabbits ended there.

Handwoven’s March/April 2018 issue is our tribal issue. Here is the official description:
Cloth has long been used to proclaim our family and community origins. What “tribe” do you belong to, and how does your cloth tell its story? This issue will feature projects inspired by tribal traditions and by our “tribes” of choice. See the Handwoven Submission Guidelines for more details.

Submission Deadlines

Proposals for articles and projects are due on 6/16/2017.
Projects are due on 8/17/2017.
Articles are due on 9/8/2017.

Mail to:
Handwoven March/April 2018
4868 Innovation Drive
Fort Collins, CO 80525
(800) 272-2193
Handwoven Magazine

Please send me your proposals for articles and projects that reflect your tribal membership.

Weave well,

Featured Image: Getty Images: Lotza Bunnies in a Row: Details Credit: GK Hart/Vikki Hart Creative #: 10144999

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