Handwoven Call for Submissions: November/December 2018 – Lace and Friends

As fiber artists we throw the word lace around; but in fact, handwoven lace is completely different than knitted lace, and both are completely different from bobbin lace. I love them all. All three create negative space that is as important to the design as the positive space which is created by the warp and weft in weaving. In knitted and bobbin lace the negative space can be quite large, but in weaving it tends to be smaller and somewhat more subdued.

Every year we publish a Handwoven issue dedicated to weave structures and this year is no exception. The theme for our November/December 2018 issue is Lace and Friends. You may choose from any of the classics such as Bronson, Swedish, Huck, and Atwater-Bronson, or make up your own new lace structure (that you can name yourself). On a rigid-heddle loom you could weave lace using pick-up sticks and hand-manipulation of the warp and weft.

We tend to think of lace in white and further, of handwoven lace set against a background of plain weave; but in fact, lace plays well with other colors and other weave structures. Christina Garton, Handwoven associate editor, and I are looking for lace projects that push the usual boundaries of handwoven lace by using it in new and intriguing ways.

Handwoven Call for Submissions

Combining Twills with Huck Lace by Coreen Hartig, Handwoven May/June 2011 Photo credit: Joe Coca

Handwoven Call for Submissions Description

In this issue, we explore the marriage of cloth and air. Handwoven lace can be subtle or striking, and it can be paired with other weave structures for striking effects. We’ll also look at some of lace’s cousins, such as spot weaves.

Submission deadlines:

Proposals for projects and articles are due on 1/5/2018.
Submissions for both projects and articles are due on 3/5/2018.

Mail to:
Handwoven March/April 2018
4868 Innovation Drive
Fort Collins, CO 80525
(800) 272-2193
Handwoven Magazine

Documents to assist you in your proposals and submissions as well as a palette for the issue can be found at: https://www.interweave.com/submissions/.

Please send me your proposals for articles, and projects that use handwoven lace in new ways.
Weave well,

Featured Image: Springtime Linen Runner by Rita Hagenbruch, Handwoven March/April 2017. Photo Credit: George Boe

Here are some resources that will help you start a handwoven lace project:

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