Handwoven Call for Submissions May/June 2019

When you are first learning to weave, there are reasons not to put on really long warps. It is probably better at that stage to repeat the warping process until you begin to get the different tasks embedded in your muscle memory. It’s not completely intuitive and can take a few times to get it down. At that point, it’s not about efficiency so much as learning the whole process. In addition, some people, myself included, start to lose interest when a warp seems to stretch out forever. Therefore, it may seem counterintuitive that the theme for the Handwoven Call for Submissions May/June 2019 is about weaving multiple projects on one warp.

Our reasoning?: many experienced weavers find putting on a long warp for multiple projects is a time saver. I don’t think I’ve ever put on more than 10 yards at a time but I’ve known weavers who talk about 100 yard warps. In the September/October 2018 issue of Handwoven Kelly Marshall talks about using the same rep warp for multiple projects. Just by changing the thickness of the weft she can weave a rugs, table runners and upholstery that all coordinate perfectly, using the same loom set up.

For Handwoven May/June 2019, we would like to see projects based on your inventiveness in efficiently using a long warp whether it is for weaving multiple somewhat similar projects or for weaving projects that are not at all alike except for the warp they once shared. Share your tips for weaving and warping long warps.

Handwoven Call for Submissions

Here is the official description of our “Multiples Issue”:

Warp once, weave many projects is a time-honored efficiency in the weaving community. We want to see the clever ways you have found to use the same warp in different ways. Learn efficiencies of warping long warps that serve multiple purposes. Handwoven Submission Guidelines for more details.

Submission Deadlines

Proposals for articles and projects are due on 8/24/2018.
Submissions are due on 10/26/2018.

Mail to:
Handwoven Call for Submissions May/June 2019
4868 Innovation Drive
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(800) 272-2193
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Please send me your proposals for articles and projects that reflect 9.

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  1. Anonymous at 11:43 am July 12, 2018

    The heeby-jeebies….. can I do this? It’s interesting! It’s a challenge alright! I’ll have to think about it…..

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