Handwoven 2016 Digital Collection

I enjoy reading about weaving even when I’m not around a loom. Downtime in an airport or on a plane gives me a chance to really dive into an article, magazine, or book, so I save up reading material that I haven’t been able to read during the normal course of my life. My concentration improves when I travel, since there are fewer distractions. I bring along some scratch paper if I’m studying a weave structure and often work out the bare bones of projects. For this reason, I like having Handwoven available in digital form. We’ve just released the Handwoven 2016 collection, providing all 5 issues as PDFs.

What do you get when you purchase the Handwoven 2016 Collection? Besides the convenience of having the magazine at your fingertips whenever you want it, a lot.

Here’s the rundown:

  • 4 informative features by Madelyn van der Hoogt in her series “The Draft.” In each one, Madelyn digs down deep into a weave structure, uncovering its unique characteristics. You may want to bring along some graph paper and follow along!
  • 5 folksy, interesting, and totally enjoyable “Notes from the Fell” by Tom Knisely. Tom riffs on everything from weaving a scarf for his daughter’s wedding, and a blanket for a grandchild, to color-and-weave theory.
  • 4 articles by Deb Essen with weaving tips and techniques. Deb is an experienced weaver who will help you weave better and enjoy the process more.
  • 48 projects, including 17 designs for 4-shaft looms and 26 projects for 8-shaft looms. Or to put in another way: 8 scarves and shawls, 10 towel s, 7 runners and placemats, plus a whole lot of other projects such as blankets, bags, rugs, napkins, pillows, and tops.
  • Ozark Quilter Towels by Marty Benson with Janet Giardina, Handwoven March/April 2016.  Photo credit: Joe Coca

    Ozark Quilter Towels by Marty Benson with Janet Giardina, Handwoven March/April 2016. Photo credit: Joe Coca

  • Timely news that you’ll want to know about the weaving community, guilds, and fabulous exhibits and shows you might be interested in.
  • 10 great book suggestions from the very technical to the very artsy, and some that fall in between.
  • 5 Yarn Labs to help you determine if a yarn is right for your project.
  • Many other articles that will intrigue you and keep you informed about weaving techniques and textile styles, past and present.

Make the most of time away from your studio—turn downtime into productive reading time. Download the Handwoven 2016 collection today.

Weave well,

Featured Image: Layers of Air Scarf by Janney Simpson, Handwoven November/December 2016. Photo credit: Joe Coca

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