Guitar Bag

I wanted to make a guitar bag for my guitar, but knew I needed some sturdy material.  I decided to use a sheep fleece I got from a local farmer.  I washed it, carded it, dyed it (in crock pots!), carded it again, spun it, and then wove it into material on my rigid heddle loom.  I wanted thick fabric so I felted it in the washing machine.  It wasn't thick enough to protect the guitar, so I quilted it with stuffing and corduroy.  Because I have a 3/4 size guitar, I had to make my own pattern for the case.  I cut it out, surged the edges, and then sewed it together on the machine.  Next, I wove inkle straps out of black and white yarn to cover up the raw edges.  Then I wove more inkle straps that looked like piano keys to be the handles.  This case took about 3 months to complete, but I love the way it turned out!  And it feels like a sturdy and protective case.  I wish I could post more pictures of the entire process.

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