Glamp Shawl Kit

Putting together Little Looms 2018 was fun, and one of the reasons it was fun was projects like the Glamp Shawl by Deb Essen. A lot of weaving could be considered clever, and a lot could be considered simple, but for me, the combination of the two attributes in one design is the best of both worlds. The Glamp Shawl is plain weave (simple) but uses color-and-weave (clever) to create a glamorous wrap you can weave and wear. Deb finished her shawl off with knotted fringe with just the right amount of bling using silver-plated beads. We couldn’t resist the combinations of simple and clever, knotted and bling, and decided to create the Glamp Shawl Kit.

Color-and-weave is a weaving technique that uses two colors in the warp and the same two colors in the weft, which creates trompe l’oeil patterns in plain weave. People often do a double take when they see color-and-weave. They think the patterns look complex and difficult, but in fact they aren’t. This shawl showcases a variety of color-and-weave patterns, giving you something to consider for future projects while you are weaving it, and even while you are wearing it.

Glamp Shawl Kit

Versatile enough to wear in multiple ways, the Glamp Shawl has a lot to offer.
Photo Credit: George Boe

The Glamp shawl is woven in Mountain Colors Bearfoot yarn, a superwash wool blend (read: easy to care for) and can be woven on a rigid-heddle loom with a 17″ weaving width, and two shuttles. The Glamp Shawl Kit contains all of the yarn you need for warp and weft, silver-plated beads, instructions for weaving the shawl and making the knotted fringe included in a downloadable PDF of Little Looms 2018, as well as a print version of the magazine.

While weaving the Glamp Shawl, you’ll learn a lot about color-and-weave. When you wear it, you can show off how clever you are. I won’t tell anyone how simple it really was—that will be our secret.

Weave well,

Featured Image: A close up shot gives detail of the fringe and some of the color-and weave patterns. Photo Credit: George Boe

Check out the Glamp Shawl Kit and discover the world of color-and weave!

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