Gifts for Every Weaver: Practical, Spirited, Beginning, and Advanced

We’re in the thick of the holiday season, which means if your family is anything like mine, you might be getting phone calls or texts where you are casually (or not so casually) interrogated as to what presents you would like for Christmas. Folks often want to get me something weaving-related for obvious reasons, but I find I have to give highly detailed information to the point where it seems less like offering nice suggestions and more like making bold demands. Frankly, that takes the fun out of it for everyone.

This year, I came up with a plan. I’ve written a letter to anyone shopping for a weaver and put it here, in this post. So go ahead and email this to anyone who’s asked for your weaving wish list. Just make sure to delete this intro bit and anything else that doesn’t apply.

Hi there!

If you’re reading this, you love a weaver, which means you clearly have excellent taste. Good for you! Weavers are wonderful people, although they can be hard to shop for. There’s so much available: yarn, books, yarn, tools, yarn, videos, and of course, looms—but which will be useful, and which will gather dust on the shelf? What weaving gift is best for your weaver? Allow me to help you shop for the weaver in your life!

First things first: make sure you know what kind of loom your weaver uses. Is it a multishaft loom or a rigid-heddle loom? If it’s a multishaft loom, how many shafts does it have? If you’re not sure about this shaft business, stick to 4-shaft projects and resources. Confused about loom types? Check out this guide to looms to learn the difference between weaving looms.

gifts for every weaver

Counterclockwise starting with upper left: inkle loom, rigid-heddle loom, and a close-up of a jack style loom. Understanding what kind of loom your weaver uses will help you pick out the perfect weaving gift.

Gifts for Every Weaver

1. For the practical weaver.

Do you live with your weaver? If so, wait until they’re out of the house and snoop in their studio. Do they have any embroidery scissors on their shelves? Take them and snip off a little bit of yarn. Does it snip quickly and easily, or is the yarn simply pushed out as you close the scissors? If it’s the latter, a nice pair of scissors makes an excellent present. Go for quality over cute. As tempting as it is to get the pair shaped like a little bunny where the ears are the blades, a really good pair of sharp embroidery scissors is indispensable. Although if your weaver loves things that are cute and functional, get these fabulous heirloom embroidery scissors that also double as a lovely necklace. As a weaver who constantly drops her embroidery scissors on the floor while weaving, this item would solve so many problems!

2. For the spirited weaver.

Speaking of cute, if your weaver likes to decorate their studio (and their life) with adorable fiber-themed items, consider pairing the scissors with this adorable sheep washi tape. It’s super cute, super useful, and guaranteed to make your cute-loving weaver ooh and ahh over it.

3. For the beginning weaver.

Is your weaver fairly new to weaving? Consider giving the gift of resources! Weavers love books. We use them not only to find project “recipes,” but also to help us plan projects, fix mistakes, try new techniques, and for quick reference. If your weaver’s library is bare, this Beginning to Weave Bundle has some of the best weaving resources out there for anyone new to weaving. I’ve been weaving for 6 years now, and I still reference the books in this kit on a regular basis. Of course this only applies to multishaft loom weaver; if your weaver uses a rigid-heddle loom, the Rigid Heddle Essentials Bundle is equally full of genuinely useful weaving resources they’ll turn to again and again.

gifts for every weaver

Weavers love making towels, so it’s hard to go wrong with one of our towel project kits. Shown here are the Savory Towels and the Tintes Naturales Towels.

4. For the advanced weaver.

Has your weaver been at it for years—perhaps even decades? Do they seemingly have every tool, book, and video they could ever want, and then some? In these situations, a project kit is the perfect weaving gift. It has all the yarn and instructions needed to weave a specific project. Just make sure you buy the right kit for your weaver’s loom. For rigid-heddle weavers, I suggest the Two Savory Towels Kit and for floor-loom weavers, the Tintes Naturales Towels (these feature fair-trade yarns hand-dyed in Guatemala). If your weaver loves pin-loom weaving, this sweet little Angora Goat Kit is an adorable gift idea.

If you want more ideas, make sure to check out Holiday Gift Ideas for Weavers to Make and Give. This gift guide has more ideas for fun and useful gifts for just about any weaver.

Hopefully this helps you pick out the perfect weaving gift for the weaver in your life. Remember: a gift to a weaver is a gift that keeps on giving. Chances are you’ll be rewarded with a warm and cozy scarf, a handwoven towel, or something equally special.

Happy Gifting!

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