Futuristic Fashion

Fans of science fiction know there are lots of depictions of "clothing of the future." Whether it's the stiff hemlines of The Jetson's, Star Trek's unitards, or the gaudy clothing of The Fifth Element, clothing of the future is often shown as a far cry from the comfortable jeans and T-shirts still popular today. However, there are a few signs that, at least in high fashion, the future is now. 

In 2000, a sprayable fabric known as Fabrican was patented. Somewhere between silly string and spray paint, Fabrican is sprayed from an aerosol can directly onto the body, and the fibers that make it up interlock creating a web of fabric. The result is a seamless "garment" that can be molded into different positions and then can be removed and reused. (To see some examples of Fabrican clothing and how it works, check out the company's website.)

More recently, in September of this year, the Smoke Dress was unveiled at the Volkswagen booth at the International Motor Show. Designed by Anouk Wipprecht, the dress is made from polyamide and rubber-like materials and was created using a 3D printer. As if all that weren't futuristic enough, the dress can sense when somebody is approaching the personal space of the wearer and, true to its name, unleashes a veil of smoke. (You can see photos here.)

While those of us at BeWeave It do enjoy looking at these examples of futuristic fashion, we are very happy to keep the treasured handwoven scarves, knit sweaters, and natural fibers in our own wardrobes.

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