Free Blanket and Throw Patterns from Weaving Today

Beautiful Handwoven Blankets: Free Projects to Make Woven Throws for All Seasons

Cozy Studio Nap Blanket by Robyn Spady  
A Cozy Studio Nap Blanket by 
Robyn Spady
Soft Pillows and a Lacy Blanket by Rita Hagenbruch  
Soft Pillows and  Lacy Blanket by
Rita Hagenbruch

Is there anything more luxurious than a handwoven throw or blanket? It’s an emotional two-fer: as you cuddle up in it or watch a loved one cuddle up, you can admire your own weaving handiwork. Come to think of it, it’s a three-fer because you have the fun of watching the pattern grow as you weave and anticipating all the hours of warmth ahead. (And if you make it big enough, you AND a loved one can cuddle up together!)


Blankets and throws are fun to weave. With thicker yarn, they tend to warp up and weave up quickly. You can play with color to make beautiful patterns on the simplest looms. If you have a narrow loom, you can sew panels together or consider doubleweave to weave double width. If you started now, you could weave warm cozies for your whole family by the time those nippy fall mornings roll around. Here's a Weaving Today gift to get you started: Beautiful Handwoven Blankets: Free Projects to Make Woven Throws for All Seasons.


  A Lush, Brushed Blanket by Liz Moncrief
  A Lush, Brushed Blanket by
Liz Moncrief 

Our latest free pattern collection includes a lush brushed blanket from Liz Moncrief, simple to weave and cheering to use, in jewel-toned alpaca-blend yarn. If you want to combine your weaving pleasure with a study project, Robyn Spady's twill gamp throw invites you to explore color and pattern as you create a lightweight throw for naps in your weaving studio, dreaming sweet dreams of weaving projects to come. To satisfy your inner Martha, weave a coordinating throw and pillows in monk's belt, plaid, and lace. This project from Rita Hagenbruch will grace any room, any time.


Are you itching to get started? Then download now, and let the weaving and snuggling begin!

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