Frame Loom Placemat and Coaster

Small looms like a frame loom or pin loom can be used to make fun, attractive projects, like this woven placemat and coaster.

Houndstooth placemat and coaster, woven on small looms

This placemat was woven on a 42 x 42 nails frame loom, in a houndstooth pattern, with carpet cotton for warp and weft. The coaster was woven on a small pin loom (10 cm x 10cm), in the same pattern. Both were a delight to make, and a proof that many interesting things can be woven with small looms!


Fabric & Materials
Frame loom with 42 x 42 nails
10cm x 10cm pin loom
Carpet cotton for warp and weft

Pattern Name
Placemat and Coaster in Houndstooth

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