Discover Loom Theory: Four Shaft Scarf Collection from Handwoven

Loom Theory: Four-Shaft Scarf Collection is the first of three scarf pattern collections from Handwoven. In this one, we celebrate fine silk, wool, Tencel, and linen yarns in four-shaft scarf patterns. Some of our favorite designers used their expertise and experience to design scarves that are not only beautiful because of the yarns they are woven in but also interesting because of the weave structures used. You can download the entire collection of patterns in a bundle. I’m especially excited about the included WIF downloads that show every warp end and every pick of the scarves. You can use almost any weaving software to open and use the WIFs.

Bubbles Shawl by Elisabeth Hill

Elisabeth Hill isn’t timid when she designs and weaves. She seems to have an uncanny sense of how color combinations and weave structures work together on the loom, and she jumps wholeheartedly into projects. The Bubbles Shawl is no exception. Elisabeth combined 2 colors of orange wool with a pop of light blue in deflected doubleweave to create a shawl that is light and airy yet warm and cozy.

four-shaft scarf collection

Elisabeth Hill’s Bubbles Shawl

Take it Easy Scarf by Pattie Graver

Pattie Graver’s Take It Easy Scarf is the perfect example of an easy-to-weave, but far from simple-looking, scarf. Most of the work is done in the warping so you can sit down, relax, and get lost in the moment.

four-shaft scarf collection

Pattie Graver’s Take It Easy Scarf

Bead Leno Scarf by Deanna Deeds

By changing bead leno’s typical setup, Deanna Deeds was able to get more patterning than usual and highlight two luscious silk/wool yarns, one that is variegated and another that is solid.

four-shaft scarf collection

Deanna Deeds’s Bead Leno Scarf

Silk Wall of Troy Scarf by Laura Fry

Twill and silk are a natural pairing for scarves. The floats in twill give silk opportunities to shine and reflect light, but they aren’t so long that they get caught on clothing or jewelry. The Silk Wall of Troy Scarf combines the two to create a scarf as elegant as it is practical and comfortable.

four-shaft scarf collection

Laura Fry’s Silk Wall of Troy Scarf woven by Katrina King

Swedish Lace Scarf by Suzie Liles

Suzie Liles’s Swedish Lace Scarf would look equally good paired with an evening gown for a night at the theater, or a wool peacoat on the way to work on a cold winter’s day.

four-shaft scarf collection

Suzie Liles’s Swedish Lace Scarf

Turnabout Scarf by Sarah Jackson

Fortunately, just like the brilliant minds that combined peanut butter and chocolate, Sarah Jackson thought to combine chenille and Tencel in her Turnabout Scarf, and the result is weaving heaven.

four-shaft scarf collection

Sarah Jackson’s Turnabout Scarf

Jin Silk Scarf by Bonnie Inouye

Known for her complex cloth, Bonnie Inouye weaves designs that are ageless, and her Jin Silk Scarf is no exception. Everything about the design is spectacular, from the clever use of color to the pattern that practically leaps off the scarf.

four-shaft scarf collection

Bonnie Inouye’s Jin Silk Scarf

Featured Image: Pattie Graver’s Take It Easy Scarf is the perfect project for when you want to relax at the loom and maybe work on some of the fundamentals.

Featured Image: Photography by Caleb Young, Good Folk Photography

Explore Loom Theory: Four-Shaft Scarf Collection today!

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