Four-Selvedge Fabric on Display

First of all a quick correction to the Oct. 2 newsletter, the Hartford Artisans Weaving Center is actually in Hartford, Connecticut, not Rhode Island. (And if you haven’t checked out their website to learn all about their wonderful mission, you should do that now.)

Now on to our regularly scheduled BeWeave It. This Sunday (October 13) the Fowler Museum at UCLA is opening the exhibit “The Peruvian Four-Selvedged Cloth.” Using a continuous warp, each piece featured in this exhibition is woven from start to finish without cutting any warp threads. As a result the edges of the cloth are all finished when the cloth is, well, finished.

As I'm sure you all can imagine, this kind of cloth takes great skill and concentration for even the plainest of textiles. (We here at BeWeave It headquarters have so much trouble with two selvedges, we are in absolute awe of those who work with four.) The pieces of cloth range from pre-Columbian to Inca to modern examples, all of which showcase the talent of the weavers throughout Peru's history. 

The show runs until January 26, but if you are lucky enough to be there on opening day, there are several other fun activities going on for any non-textilian fans in your family, including some fun childrens' crafts and activities. More information on the exhibit and the Fowler can be found on the museum's website

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