For What Anniversary Do You Give Yarn?

Sunday marked week two of our five week 35th Anniversary Giveaway, so before delving into more details we thought it'd be fun to talk a bit about traditional anniversary presents. During the Holy Roman Empire, husbands would crown their wives with a sliver wreath to mark 25 years of marriage and a gold wreath for 50, which is why to this day the 25th and 50th anniversaries are known as silver and gold, respectively. It used to be that only bit milestones were marked with specific gifts, but then in 1937 the American National Retail Jewelers Association introduced a new list with a gift associated with each year (we wonder why…) and includes items such as lace, ivory, and iron. There's also a different list for those in the UK that includes items like sugar (year 6) and fruit (year 4), which we admit is quite a bit more useful than jewelry or fancy table decor.

Of course, personally we think perhaps a new list for weavers is in order to. Perhaps year one gets you 8/2 cotton while year five is baby alpaca. Wooden boat shuttles at year ten and if you make it to fifty, well I think that deserves a nice new loom. What do you think?


Contest Scarf Prize

For 35 years, which is the anniversary celebrated this year by Handwoven, the traditional gift is coral and so this week Treenway Silks is giving away seven limited-edition, hand-dyed Anniversary Coral weaving kits. Each kit includes enough scrumptious silk—including a skein of the limited edition color Anniversary Coral—to weave two beautiful scarves huck lace scarves (the draft for which is included in the kit.) Remember, there’s a new giveaway each day so make sure to enter every day!


There’s much more to come after our week of Treenway. Harrisville Designs is sponsoring Week 3 and will be giving away seven $35 gift certificates that can be used towards one of Harrisville's excellent workshops or some of their famously fabulous wool yarn. Week 4 is the week of WEBS who are also celebrating a bit anniversary this year as they turn 40. In honor of both our big celebrations they're giving out seven $40 WEBS gift cards good for yarns, tools, looms, and more! The fifth and final week is all about the Yarn Barn of Kansas, which turns 43 this year and is giving seven $43 gift certificates so you can build your stash, your library, and so much more!


So come and celebrate 35 years of fiber fun with us and maybe win some truly wonderful prizes! You can enter the current week of giveaways by clicking here. Make sure to check back to Weaving Today each week to find out how to enter the rest!


Important Note: We’ve found that some people have been having problems with the contest website. The contest website works best in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer versions 10 and later. Ad blocker programs can also block the entry form from opening. If you have an ad blocker program installed, and have problems entering the contest, try turning off your ad blocker and then clicking the contest link.


UPDATE: Congratulations to our winners so far!

Barbara C, from Portland, OR; Dorothy M , from Ashland, OR ; Cynthia H , from Woodinville, WA; and Kathy L, from San Francisco, CA. 


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