For Every Weave, There is a Reason

There’s so much to love about tablet weaving: you can create wonderful and complex looking patterns using the simplest of weaving tools. If you’ve ever thought tablet weaving looked like fun but didn’t know quite what to do with your bands, tablet weaver extraordinaire John Mullarkey has a few ideas for you. —Christina

Wondering what to do with woven bands? Here are some ideas for how to use tablet weaving. Tablet weaving allows you to make shoelaces, straps, and more!

John decorates his Converse All-Stars with some fabulous tablet-woven shoelaces.

I’ve written previously about why I tablet weave, so now I’d like to tell you why you might want to tablet weave.
Let’s say you’ve just bought a new pair of custom Converse All-Star high top sneakers. Wouldn’t something like that deserve a set of handwoven shoe laces? No band is stronger than a tablet-woven band. I have laces that are on their second pair of sneakers.

Or, how about this: You’ve decided to take up furniture making, and you’ve made a chair that needs a woven seat. You could buy boring webbing—or you could card weave the tapes to coordinate exactly with your decor.

Do you have a jacket or vest project in the works? Personally, I’m a chicken who is afraid to sew button holes; but if I use tablet-woven trim on a garment, I can weave button holes directly into the band trim.

Or maybe you’ve got handwoven fabric remnants and you want to sew some project bags. Those bags are going to need handles. Tablet-woven handles aren’t just sturdy—they add a beautiful finishing touch that’ll really set your project bags apart from everyone else’s.

There’s no other weaving technique that gives you a stronger, more durable textile. And there are so many different designs and unique techniques (Kivrim, double-faced, threaded-in, diagonals) for tablet-woven bands. Once you start, you’ll never be bored; and you’ll never run out of practical uses for your own handwoven bands. And if you’re curious about tablet weaving but don’t know where to start, you can check out my video workshop Tablet Weaving Made Easy and learn everything you need to know to get started weaving your own bands.

—John Mullarkey

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