Follow Up: Creating a Herringbone Weaving Draft

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  16S tie-up

Hi everyone!

In an Ask Madelyn a few months ago (February 25, 2015), I was asked how to create a draft for herringbone blankets that a reader (Derek) want to reproduce from a photo in a catalogue. I sent him the 16-shaft draft (below) along with an 8-shaft draft that was different, though would make a fine and somewhat similar blanket.
Something about that 16-shaft draft bothered me at the time, and then, just recently, another reader (Shari) asked me almost the same question. She wanted to recreate a very similar blanket in another catalogue. I opened the 16-shaft draft I had created for Derek, and right away, I saw what I had missed before. So here is a correction to that earlier post.

  new 8S draft
  8-shaft draft

If you look closely at the tie-up in my 16-shaft draft, you'll notice that some of the shafts do exactly the same thing (i.e., go up or stay down) as other shafts (1/13, 2/14, 3/15, 4/16, 5/9, 6/10, 7/11, 8/12). Well, if one shaft always does  the same thing as another to achieve a particular interlacement, all the threads on those two shafts can be on the same shaft. Substituting shaft 1 for 13, 2 for 14, etc., results in the rewritten draft below on eight shafts. This might be a bit late for Derek, but here you go, Shari! And, I should have noticed the similarities in shaft behavior when I

  16S draft
  16-shaft draft

created the 16-shaft tie-up!



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