First Hand Spun Project

I was peer pressured into learning to spin. Many of my fellow guild members are spinners and I was amazed by the skill with which they used drop spindles and spinning wheels. I bought and dropped a hand spindle. I literally mean dropped. My poor hand spindle was constantly flying around the room, I was dangerous. Then a friend showed me how to "park and spin" with the hand spindle and I was able to do this. I plodded along happily with my hand spindle. Then… another friend emailed me that she wanted to sell her Lendrum spinning wheel and was I interested. Well shoot, I had been told previously that a Lendrum was the vey best wheel to have, but I didn't feel ready for a wheel. I drafted my no thanks response, but couldn't hit the send button. I mean it was a great deal, all the bells and whistles for a very reasonable price. This might never come my way again. Okay, long agaonzing descion was finally nade and after two minutes of heavy thought I was the proud owner of my very own spinning wheel.

What you see here is the very first weaving made with my hand spun yarn from my Lendrum spinning wheel.

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