Finishing Fundamentals for Your Weaving Masterpiece

  Adding the finishing touches to your weaving project is much like adding delicious frosting or decorative sprinkles to a cake. Image source:

imageplaceholder Sara Bixler
Contributor, Weaving Today

Seems to me that there are very few things in life that are exceptional without putting in a little extra work to finish them properly. I often think about my work and how it relates to other industries to help me better understand why it’s so important to put that little extra effort into my finished pieces.

One of my favorite analogies to give my students is to think about a baker. Certainly a great baker creates the foundation for all of their confectionary perfections by creating a really fantastic cake. This cake so warm and moist right out of the oven that the kitchen permeates with yummy smells that make us close our eyes, breathe in deeply, and exhale with an audible “Mmmm”. But our baker isn’t done…

Although we would gladly eat that cake right out of the pan in its current state, the baker has simply created the foundation for the final masterpiece. That cake will cool and the baker will begin to add layers of frosting smoothed to perfection, piled high with breathtaking roses and delicate little leaves, and topped off with personal words of sentiment.   

Weaving can be very much the same, and in some cases our finished pieces are rendered useless without going through the necessary steps to truly finish a piece… hence the pile of unhemmed towels stacking up in my studio waiting to have their hems rolled! For some weavers, this process can be daunting, frequently overlooked, or done halfheartedly. Like our cake-making, the choice to choose the proper finish and execute the finishing with attention to detail can mean taking an ordinary piece of fabric and making it exceptional.

I take great pride in researching and teaching my students the easiest, most eye-catching, and most practical finishes to the individual project. I cannot impress upon my students enough how important it is to learn to proper way of washing their pieces! Keeping all of these thoughts in mind will greatly improve your handwoven pieces.

For more information about choosing the right finishing technique to use, how to execute that technique, and washing instructions, please join me for an informative webinar Monday, June 29 on Finishing Techniques.  I hope to see you there!

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