Exploring the Beauty of Handwoven Fashion

  Photo by Daryl Lancaster.

imageplaceholder Daryl Lancaster
Contributor, Weaving Today

The most difficult part of creating handwoven clothing is not creating exquisite yardage or having the construction skills to make a truly beautiful garment.  The difficult part is getting the garment to fit your body correctly. 

Sure, you can stitch together rectangles, which has been done since the bronze age when the first bog jacket was discovered.  But really, rectangular shaped garments do not celebrate the shape and form of the maker, and they do not celebrate what a woven cloth can do.

Learning to fit your own body can be so difficult, it is really hard to see all around yourself, and to make things worse, the pattern industry uses a fit model that is irrelevant and outdated.  But it is what we have to work with.

  Photo by Daryl Lancaster.

In Part 2 of the Weaving Today Garment Construction Webinar Series, we will address all of these issues, how to interpret the industry fit model, what it means for you and your shape, no matter what it is.  Know your body and how to take accurate measurements.

We will talk about making test garments (a must), working with grainlines, and talk about some simple but critical pattern alterations that will help with full bustlines, and incorrectly placed back necks. 

Journey with me through a five part series on garment construction from handwoven cloth.  In the first part we talked  about what size cloth to weave, sett, and how to sample without setting up the loom twice.  And of course, finishing that cloth so that it is “needle ready”. We talked  about cutting out that yardage and how to keep that handwoven fabric under control.  You can download part 1 by clicking here.

In parts 3-5, we get into the real meat of sewing with handwoven cloth.  How to control grainlines, sewing basics for handwoven fabrics, seams, edge finishes, and of course closures.  There is so much to talk about, and I’ve got so much to share.  I’ve spent a lifetime creating garments from my own hands, and there is nothing more satisfying than wearing something you’ve made that fits you well and celebrates the cloth from your loom.

Join me for Part 2 on Monday, March 23, 2015.  The webinar is 60 minutes and there is time for questions. All will be answered eventually, and packaged in the download.  If you can’t make it for the live webinar, we will let you know when the download becomes available. 

Meanwhile, happy weaving!


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