Elegant Evening Rigid-Heddle Table Topper

Summer is fast approaching, and that means it’s time to get ready for al fresco dining! I don’t know about you, but my table could use a little sprucing up for summer dinner parties and barbecues. And although I tend to entertain more in the summer, I like my décor to be as season-agnostic as possible because I don’t have enough storage space for linens for every season. So you can imagine how delighted I was to see the Elegant Evening Rigid-Heddle Table Topper in this year’s issue of Easy Weaving with Little Looms—it’s perfectly summery but wouldn’t look out of place on a winter table setting. The simple design adds sophistication and elegance to your décor without being stuffy, so you can use it on a folding table in the backyard for a barbecue or as a lovely backdrop for your Thanksgiving meal. It’s an incredibly versatile piece!

Rigid-Heddle Table Topper

Jill Staubitz’s Elegant Evening Rigid-Heddle Table Topper will look beautiful on your table, no matter the time of year.

Originally designed as a project for students at the Hartford Artisans Weaving Center in Hartford, Connecticut, this project teaches the basics of pick-up design, so it’s perfect for beginner weavers who want to branch out from plain weave. The knotted fringe gives this topper a fun and funky touch, but feel free to use your favorite finishing technique (Handwoven editor Susan Horton suggests a twisted fringe or a plain hem) if this one isn’t your jam. However you decide to finish it, this table topper is sure to add a gorgeous touch to your table setting any time of year!


Featured Image: Close up of Jill Staubitz’s Elegant Evening Rigid-Heddle Table Topper.

Project at a Glance:

Equipment needed: Rigid-heddle loom, 12″ weaving width; 10-dent heddle; 1 stick shuttle; 2 pick-up sticks.

Yarns: Ultra Prima Fine Cotton (Cascade yarns), #3746 Chartreuse; #3797 Dark Sea Foam; #3757 Zen Green; 5/2 Pearl Cotton (UKI), #12 Red.

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