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Hi, Madelyn

I’m sorry, but as a fairly unhip computer person, I don’t understand the purpose of these e-magazines.  Are they merely compilations of patterns from old Handwoven and “Design Collection” issues? I am seeing no reviews of these mags, so haven’t been inclined to order any. I have also heard from others who have no intention of ordering, as they feel it’s a big waste of their money for paper and ink. (Good grief, one print-out could suck an ink container dry!)  Is it true that unless I print out the whole hard copy, it will go away and it will be lost forever?  What if I just want to use one pattern for awhile?

I know good answers are out there somewhere. Please enlighten me and tell me why this is a good thing!


––Debbie Ellis

Hi Debbie!

I think the e-books are a very good thing!

The e-books are compilations of articles from Handwoven, from before 2000. These are of value to lots of our readers, since a large percentage of them didn’t get those magazines and they are no longer available. You can see what is in each e-book by clicking on chapter headings in the table of contents and looking through the project photos. The project instructions have been updated (with currently available yarns) so that they are easy to follow. The Design Collections that are posted are digital copies of actual Design Collections that are no longer available in print.

When you download an e-book that you purchase, it is a pdf file that you can keep or print. So it is yours forever. You also can print only the pages you want (saving ink) when you want them! They’re easy to post by your loom and make notes on as you weave,and you can always print another copy later if you need it.

Thanks, and I hope this helps!


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