Dyeing with Bindweed

While many of the plants used in natural dyeing are ones many of us would enjoy having in our garden such as marigolds, madder, and the like, there’s one surprising dye plant you won’t mind pulling from your garden: bindweed. For many of us who garden, the battle with bindweed is constant as it attaches itself to any and every plant and fence post it sees. So if like those of us at BeWeave It headquarters you pull pounds of bindweed from your garden each year, think about using it as dye. It can be used to dye yarn or cloth a lovely shade of pale yellow, or when the dye is brewed in a rusty iron post a pale blue-gray


Another pesky plant that can be used as a dye is stinging nettle. (While there are plenty of wonderful uses for nettles fiber and yarn, we still label the plant as pesky because of the red welts it can cause if you accidentally brush up against it.) When used as a dye, stinging nettles turn fiber a delicate shade of green—just make sure you harvest them with a sturdy pair of work gloves or your hands will turn a not-so-delicate shade of red.

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