Dutch Weaving Exhibit

Palet by Anneke Kersten
Palet by Anneke Kersten (above)
St. Mary's Pool by Roos Cox (below)
St. Mary's Pool by Roos Cox

From May 10–12 the Thieme Loods in Nijmegen, Holland will host an exhibit of handwoven created by artists Anneke Kersten (who first learned to weave in the 1980s in Eugene, Oregon) and Roos Cox. 

Both Kersten and Roos use a wide range of fibers in their work from the typical (cotton, silk, and paper) to the more unusual, including copper, steel, glass, and horsehair. The two are also unafraid to experiment with vivid colors and new combinations in their work. The resulting works are strikingly vivid examples of modern fiber art.

The exhibition is part of the Week of Weaving in Eastern Holland, and is one of forty different exhibits going on as part of the celebration. More information on the artists can be found at their website.  

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