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Hi, there.

I am about to try my first doublewidth cloth inspired by Tom Knisely’s blanket in the March/April Handwoven. My project is a cotton tablecloth 60 inches wide. My question concerns warping six colors using two ends at a time and changing colors after every pair. I want to warp from back to front.

––Sylvia Lowry

Hi Sylvia!

To avoid cutting and tying between colors: After you wind every color, wrap it around the first or last peg you are using to secure it until you need it again. When you do, just continue winding with it, leaving the wraps in place.

After the whole warp is wound, cut the ends at the first and last pegs and the extra wraps around the pegs will fall away (with this method you can't use the end loops to put the apron rod through; you have to tie the warp onto the back apron rod).

For Tom's color order specifically: place the 6 cones underneath the warping board. It would help to have a cone stand so that the threads from each cone come up through an eye hook. This way, you can pull the yarn from either side of the cone without pulling the cone over.

Wind the first two ends (Gold, Melon) together from the first peg to the last peg, keeping the strands separate with a finger. Then wrap these two threads around the last peg a couple of times so they are secured there. Wind the next two ends from first peg to last peg (Azure and Cocoa) and wrap them around the last peg a couple of times to secure. Then wind two ends of Topaz from first peg to last peg and wrap them the same way. Then take the Azure and Cocoa ends (without unwrapping from the last peg) back to the top (making the cross as usual) and wrap around the first peg a few times to secure. Continue in this way using the pairs of colors in the order required.


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