Doubleweave on 4-Shafts

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Dear Madelyn,

Is it possible to double weave a black and white checkboard design on a 4-shaft loom? If so, where can I obtain the threading and tie up?

Thank you,

––R L Schenkman



It is possible, but you have to do it with pick-up. That means that you use a pick-up stick to choose the checkerboard squares. It’s time consuming because you have to pick up the design for every pick you weave.

Our March/April 2010 issue of Handwoven is all about doubleweave and there is a checkerboard in it but it is woven loom controlled on eight shafts. I don’t know a specific reference for an exact checkerboard with pick-up, but you can find out how to do pick-up in several good articles in a previous issue of Handwoven, January/February, 1999, pp. 35–49. And this summer, Jennifer Moore will  publish her new book on doubleweave that will cover this in detail: The Weaver’s Studio: Doubleweave.

Hope this helps!


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