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No one loves to spin a yarn better than Interweave’s founder, Linda Ligon, but now she gets to spin yarns in a whole new way: digitally! Here she is to tell you about it.

SpinKnit eMag Energized Yarn feature  

Seeing spinners in action is a great way

to get energized about yarn.



You have to be warped to weave. We say that, we chuckle, but it’s a rock-bottom fact of life. Even more fundamental: you have to have yarn to be warped. Now, before your mind starts running off into a whole new round of jokes about the crazy size of your stash, let me tell you about the newest project I had the fun of working on: SpinKnit. 


SpinKnit is one of the new “eMags” that Interweave has created in the past few months. It doesn’t exist on paper (hurrah for the trees!) and it’s not just words and pictures. You download it to your computer, much as you might download a movie or television show, and then you can flip through, read in-depth articles, click on videos, hover over photos and watch them enlarge before your eyes, and other spiffy tricks. But best of all, it’s about yarn.


  Get to know yarns, starting at the source

In fact SpinKnit is about a world of yarn: spinners in the high Andes, a yarn spinner from the Navajo Nation, a legendary Colorado spinner, a yarn spinner who creates wild landscapes with her “collapse” yarns, gatherings of yarn spinners in the Pacific Northwest, a yarn spinner who raises her own paco-vicuña, which is one of the loveliest fibers I’ve ever touched. Even if you don’t spin your own yarn, you probably really love the stuff. (Because, of course, you need it so you can be warped . . . to weave.) True to its name, SpinKnit is about knitting, too. (You don’t have to be warped to knit, though some people are anyway.)


Having started out in publishing thirty-five years ago on my dining room table with a typewriter, an exacto knife, and a pot of rubber cement, I have been boggled by this experience of creating a publication that just exists in thin air, yet has so much stuff in it. I love ink and paper, but I really love being able to document the crafts I love in living motion. We’re planning other eMags now – more issues of SpinKnit, another one about color and fiber, who knows what’s next? Working in this new medium makes almost anything possible. If you give SpinKnit a try, I hope you’ll give us plenty of feedback so we’ll know what to do next.




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