Diana Sanderson’s Scarves with Sea Silk Warp

This gorgeous handwoven scarf pattern features sea silk, made of 70% silk and 30% Seacell.

Want to weave a scarf that shimmers like the sea? A Sea Silk warp and a versatile twill draft allow the weaving of many different scarves on the same warp—by varying the treadling sequence or the weft yarns or both.

In some scarves, the weft is prominent; in others, the warp takes the lead. The weave structure can appear distinct or indistinct. depending on your treadling and weft yarn choices. No matter how you weave them, these scarves are sure to impress!

(For more information about this unique yarn (70% silk, 30% Seacell), see The Yarn of the Hour from Handwoven, November/December 2007, pages 62-63.)

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