Curling: It's All About the Pants

Curling Pants
The famous pants in 2010
photo by Bjarte Hetland

We here at BeWeave It love to watch curling during the winter Olympics. (If you dont' know what curling is, here's a video, it's a lot more fun to watch than you might think.) While we're excited to root for team USA, we're equally excited to watch the Norwegian men's curling team, and not just because they're the favorite to win the gold. We're watching them for the pants. 

At the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver the Norwegian team grabbed headlines with their truly fabulous and beautiful (some might say garish, but we disagree) diamond pants (shown below). When team member Christoffer Svae decided the black and white uniform traditionally favored by curlers was too boring for the Olympics. He asked the equipment sponsor for something more colorful, but there simply wasn't enough time to design and produce a completely new uniform. Svae wasn't deterred and after some searching he discovered the sportswear company Loudmouth, a business known for their "flamboyant attire." Matching pants were ordered for everyone on the team and Olympic fashion history was made.



Since then, flashy pants have become a trademark of the team. (You can see photos of the team in different pairs of truly beautiful pants here.) This year the team has promised not one, but four fabulous pairs of pants, the first of which (and the only one so far revealed) is covered in red, white, and blue chevrons. Another pair is rumored to feature rosemaling and the other two are still secrets. We can't wait to see what they come up with next!

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