Crazy Quilts

Normally we at BeWeave It headquarters like to choose a topic to match the one found in the main post of the newsletter. Not today, though! We thought it would be fun to cover a topic on the opposite side of the textile spectrum from summer and winter: crazy quilts. Also known as crazy patching, crazy quilts don’t follow the traditional geometric patterns we’re used to seeing in quilting. Instead, crazy quilts use irregular bits of fabric in all sorts of colors. Fitting with the title of “crazy” quilters often used a variety of fabric types as well as embellishments such as embroidery, buttons, and the like. While it might seem like such a quilt would be easy to make the reality is that such random quilts take much longer than traditional quilts. A 19th century article from Harper’s Bazaar estimated that a full-size crazy quilt might take as much as 1,500 hours!

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