Cotton loops/cotton yarn rug

My inspiration for this rug was Tom Knisely´s rep weave runner from Handwoven magazine Jan/Feb 2011.  I remember being overwhelmed by it at the time, but it took me two years to finally adapt it to my RHL. Of course, I´m not doing rep weave, just plain weave, alternating cotton loops picks with cotton yarn picks, but it makes me very happy. For warp, I used cotton yarns (comparatively with what you have in the US, I think it´s 5/2 pearl cotton), 5 different colors, with different colors for slots and holes; black columns are all black. For weft, I used 5 colors cotton loops for the thick yarn, and 5/2 pearl cotton for the thin yarn. I hope to get a 50 x 100 cm rug.

This issue says : "Say it with cloth". All right, then: my cloth is saying "thank you", wonderful Handwoven crew, from past and present: Linda Ligon, Madelyn Van der Hoogt, Jane Patrick, Pattie Graver, Anita Osterhaug, Christina Garton, and, of course, Tom Knisely, and so many others, whose dedication and talent encourage me everyday. Thank you for presenting me and other weavers pages of inspiring, beautiful art.


With love, from Brazil,


Claudia Rizzi

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