Correcting Tension

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Dear Madelyn,

I have learned so many weaving techniques from your newest set of DVDs, Weaving Well. I have a question about using the method shown in the DVD of weaving in a new apron rod and cutting off a woven piece, then attaching the new apron rod to continue weaving. In the situation where perhaps the tension of the woven piece to be cut off wasn’t just right, is it possible to correct tension problems in the warp threads, once the new apron rod is tied on? (Please say yes!) If it is possible, could you explain the process please?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Ev,

I am wishing I could say yes, but when the tension is not right, I think it’s best to cut the piece off completely and tie the warp back on in the usual way. You’ll spend way more time trying to compensate for uneven tension than tying on would take. You’ll forget you ever had to tie on as soon as you start weaving, whereas you’d be worrying about tension for the rest of the warp if you didn’t.

Sorry about that!


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