Color Blending: Colors From the Masters

It’s a joy to mix yarn colors in a weaving and watch them blend as the threads interlace. It often takes an extensive yarn stash, however, to have enough different colors to use for effective blends. One way to maximize the pleasure of color blending is to paint the warp, choosing and mixing as many colors as you like. As soon as the door is open to creating absolutely any color, the problem becomes: what colors to make?

I love flowers! Looking at their beautiful colors and shapes makes me happy. I also enjoy paintings by the great masters. What could be better than combining the two and using for color inspiration a great painting of flowers? To plan the color palette for this warp-painted scarf, I started with a photograph of Severin Roesen’s Still Life Flowers and Fruit. —Tracy Kaestner

Would you like to weave a scarf glowing with kaleidoscopic color without using a zillion yarns? Experiment with color blending and give warp painting a try.

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color blending

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