Colorado Dreaming with Mango Moon

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One of the (many) reasons I love working with little looms is how well they lend themselves to fun and funky yarns that are normally in the domain of knitters only. Whether you call them knitting yarns, novelty yarns, or (my favorite term for them) fashion yarns, these yarns are perfect for little loom weavers. For this reason I made sure we had plenty of these yarns in our magazine, including some gorgeous selections from Mango Moon Yarns.

Mango Moon Yarns offers a good selection of one-of-a-kind yarns you won’t find anywhere else including yarns made from recycled hand-painted sarongs to shimmery and shiny silk ribbon and an extra loopy yarn that can only be described as a mega boucle. They also have more traditional yarns as well—it really is the best of both worlds!

For the 2017 issue of Easy Weaving with Little Looms, Sara Goldenberg wove her spectacular Fall Into Winter scarf using yarns from Mango Moons. Sara’s design was inspired by seeing the bright blue Colorado winter sky peak through as the leaves fall on a crisp and chilly autumn day, and her yarns of choice were Mango Moon Yarns’ Cotton Ribbon in Lunar, the Dharma recycled silk in Pumpkin, and the shimmery Di Lusso in Moonlight. The result is a beautiful scarf with great drape, amazing texture, and so much visual interest you just want to touch it!

Mango Moon

Fall Into Winter Scarf by Sara Goldenberg

If you’ve ever wanted to weave with fashion yarns on your rigid-heddle looms, like those from Mango Moon Yarns, there are a few rules that you should make sure you follow.

1. Choose the right yarn for the job: Make sure the yarn or yarns you choose for the warp won’t break under tension by holding the yarn in both hands and giving it a quick tug. You’ll also want to make sure there aren’t any “obstructions” to pulling it through the reed such as beads. Beaded yarns, though, are perfect for your weft!

2. Sett it right: Make sure your yarn is sett to show off its best features. Sarah made sure to sett the yarns far enough apart in her scarf so you could see the lovely texture and subtle color changes in the Cotton Ribbon yarn. She probably could have sett it tighter, but that would have squished the ribbon yarn way too much giving the scarf less drape and less visual interest. Not sure if your sett is too loose or too tight? Sample!

3. Consider Your Slots and Holes: If you’re using two yarns in the warp like Sara did, think about what yarn might do better in the slots versus the holes. The Dharma, for example, is a textured yarn so threading it through the slots makes it easier to pull through when winding the warp.

Mango Moon

The bright Dharma and more subdued Cotton Ribbon are sett and threaded in a way that shows off the best of both yarns

4. Design your piece to make your yarns shine: In the Fall into Winter scarf, the bright orange Dharma seems to frame the cool blue Cotton Ribbon in a kind of checkered pattern. The color and texture of each yarn brings out the best in the other in this pattern. Similarly, when you weave with these kinds of yarns you’ll want to choose structures and techniques to make sure that whatever you loved about the yarn is shown off.

5. Try a fancy finish: Sometimes tiny extra details can take a piece from a lovely piece of cloth to something spectacular. For her scarf, Sara not only left the fringe long so you can better see the Dharma and the Cotton Ribbon, but she also added the glimmery Di Lusso as fringe on a third side. Not only is this tres chic, but it takes an ordinary scarf and gives it just that much more visual interest. Fancy finishes like that are perfect for fashion yarns!

If you’ve been tempted to work with fashion yarns but didn’t quite know how to do it, I can’t suggest Sara’s beautiful scarf project enough! The Mango Moon Yarns are beautiful and great to weave with, plus they’re available in a rainbow of colors so you can change the palette to make the scarf more your own.

Happy Weaving!

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