College Student Knits Scarf While Running Marathon

Many of you weavers also enjoy knitting, but would you knit through an entire marathon? You know, the race kind, not the kind where you binge watch your favorite TV show on Netflix.

That's exactly what Meredith Parmalee did on Sunday, when she ran the New York City Marathon. The 22-year-old Northeastern University student finger-knitted a scarf for the duration of the race as a fundraiser for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, which was sponsored by her former employer We Are Knitters.

Of course, running and knitting simultaneously takes practice–Parmalee began her "training" well before race day, stating that knitting while running took her mind off the aches and pains that accompany running long distances.

Knitting needles aren't allowed on the race course as a safety precaution, which is why Parmalee took to her hands to knit the scarf.

And Parmalee isn't alone–fellow marathoner David Babcock also took to the fiber arts on race day by crocheting flowers throughout the 26.2-mile course. He handed them out to spectators to raise awareness for Alzheimer's.

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