Christmas Ideas Past and Present

One of the fun things about working here at Interweave is having access to the archives. We are fortunate to have many of the notebooks that once belonged to Sylvia Pocock. Sylvia was an accomplished weaver from the Baltimore area and from what I understand, she left us way too soon. One of her notebooks here in the Handwoven office contains a collection of Christmas cards woven by Sylvia and members of her guild. I've added a couple of cards created by Sylvia to our Handwoven gallery.  I would love to learn to weave these three kings!

This handwoven evergreen card is another idea from Sylvia. I'd like to add that the paper for both cards is simple every day construction paper. It is her expert handweaving that steals the show; both cards are boundweave. Inside, there is a simple holiday message neatly printed in metallic gold ink.

I hope someone out there finds inspiration from Sylvia's work and the other great Christmas ideas in the Handwoven gallery from our Weaving Today community.

Hope to see some more from all you wonderful weavers out there!


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