Chapel Tapestries

The Cadet Chapel at the U.S. Air Force Academy has always been a popular destination for tourists visiting Colorado Springs. Most people come for the architecture, but soon weavers and other fiber enthusiasts will have a new reason to visit: beautiful handwoven tapestries by weaver Cecilia Blomberg.


Cecelia is currently three tapestries into a series of eight for the Catholic chapel in the Cadet Chapel. Each of the eight tapestries depicts a different Catholic saint. So far she’s woven Saint Ignatius, Joan of Arc, and the Archangel Michael. The tapestries are 18 inches wide and nearly 10 feet tall.


According to Cecilia, when she was originally contacted for the project she was asked to handweave sixty tapestries measuring 20’ X 2’. She politely informed the person making the request that such a project, taken on by one person, would take decades to weave.


The amount of detail in the tapestries is exceptional, and the time and effort that went into each one is astounding. You can learn more about this project, Cecilia, and her other works of woven art at her website.  

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