Chantilly Lace and Ear Worms

Chantilly Lace

To go with Madelyn’s post about huck lace, we here at BeWeave It decided to focus on lace. While trying to find information on huck lace, we stumbled upon an article on the history of Chantilly lace. Naturally, immediately after seeing those words, we did our best Big Bopper impersonation and started singing, “Chantilly lace and a pretty face, and a pony tail hanging down.” (If "Changilly Lace" is now stuck in your head, you’re welcome. Also, you should watch this video of the Big Bopper singing it on some television show. It’s worth it for his facial expressions alone.) And so this edition of BeWeave It is devoted to Chantilly lace.


Beyond being a favorite textile of the Big Bopper, what exactly is Chantilly lace? It’s a bobbin lace named for Chantilly, France although it was traditionally made in Bayeux, France and Geraardsbergen, Belgium. The lace typically has a floral motif and is often woven using black silk. This silk lace was favored by the French elites including Marie Antoinette and King Louis XV’s mistress Mme du Berry. Unfortunately, these royal ties were ultimately the undoing of the lace industry and during the French revolution many lace makers were killed for their relationship to the royal family.

During the early 19th century Chantilly lace made a comeback as Napoleon supported its revival and it became high fashion again in Paris. During this time period any woman who considered herself fashionable had a Chantilly shawl in either black or white. And of course, as the Big Bopper notes, Chantilly lace also found a fashionable following during the 1950s.

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