How to Wash Hand Woven Textiles

So you’ve finished weaving your gorgeous new dishtowels, you’ve properly wet-finished them, used them a few times, and now you need to know how to wash handwoven dish towels without ruining them!

Most handwovens, including dishtowels, table linens, and garments, will eventually need to be washed. Here’s some advice from expert Laura Fry on how to wash handwoven textiles, so they’ll stay in mint condition for many years to come.

Learn how to wash handwoven textiles of all varieties. Caring for handwovens includes choosing safe soap, water temperature, and more to keep handwoven fabrics in good condition.

You’ll learn what kinds of soap to use on handwovens, what water temperature to use, how to iron your handwoven cloth, and how to remove stains from handwovens. Plus, get tips for storing your handwovens to extend their longevity.

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