If You Can’t Be Perfect, Be Consistent: The Efficient Weaver Course with Laura Fry

Improving your weaving technique can be difficult. If you’re like me, you work alone in your comfort zone. Although you might have the occasional “aha” moment, you generally work in the same way you always have with the same processes you learned when you first started. The Efficient Weaver Course with Laura Fry can expand your technique and make you a better, more efficient weaver.

The only things that can push you out of that comfort zone are lessons and tips from other weavers that might have better methods of doing things. Whether you have been weaving for a week or a lifetime, I suggest you check out this course. Laura Fry has better methods than most weavers I know and for sure better methods than I do. It’s mesmerizing just to watch her throw the shuttle, treadle, and beat in a seemingly seamless way as she explains her approach to the entire process. I’ve heard that when you weave, it should be like a ballet, and that’s the feeling I get watching Laura. It’s much better than my uneven tap dance. You can see by watching her that she has intentionally polished her technique so she can weave longer and better than most of us. And if you can’t fully adhere to her methods, consider her advice: “If you can’t be perfect, be consistent.” Perhaps we should all have that taped to the castles of our looms.

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Rainbow Scarf: A Color Gamp You Can Wear by Laura Fry Photo Credit: Joe Coca.

The course is divided into sections that allow you to target your own problem areas. Having trouble with the weft not coming smoothly off your bobbins? Check out section 5, and you’ll find out why and how to fix it. I usually lash on to the apron rod, but within a few minutes of watching the section on warping, I discovered a couple of tips to make it easier the next time. I was particularly interested in the lesson about using a valet, a method of beaming that can be very helpful for weavers that work alone.

Become a more efficient weaver starting with watching this new course featuring Laura Fry. You’ll be surprised to find there’s a whole world of weaving tips and techniques you didn’t know about.

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Featured Image: Summer Berry Towels by Laura Fry Photo Credit: George Boe

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