Call for Submissions: Handwoven September/October 2018

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The Great Group Weaving Challenge

We weave alone due to the nature of our equipment unless we have the good fortune to weave in a collective studio. Like many others, I fill the social void by participating in guilds and study groups; where over time, relationships have developed. I have several long-lasting friendships that I believe will continue throughout my life. Even after time apart, my weaving friends and I always pick up right where we left off the last time, not missing a beat. The common love of weaving makes it easy to form a strong bond.


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In addition to building friendships, guilds and study groups provide an opportunity to stretch and grow in our craft. I have found great learning value while participating in group activities such as, summer challenges, group exchanges, and group studies. Sometimes being in a group will push me to try something I never considered before, just to keep up with everyone else. When attending conferences, I like to see what other guilds are doing and find out about the studies they have completed—whether about a weave structure, a color, a technique, or a theme such as famous artists or weaving from nature. For me, seeing a weave structure or technique in a finished project is especially compelling.

We are calling Handwoven September/October 2018 The Great Group Weaving Challenge issue. Please send in your proposals for articles and projects that celebrate guilds and study groups.

The official call for proposals description:

Study groups, start your engines! For this issue, we challenge weaving guilds and study groups to choose a theme that takes members in interesting new directions and expands their skills. We will present a set of projects from each winning group in the magazine. See the Handwoven Submission Guidelines 2017 for more details.

Submission Deadlines:

Proposals Due for projects and articles are due on 10/20/2017.
Submissions Due for projects and articles are due on 12/15/2017.

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Handwoven September/October 2018
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