Call for Submissions: Little Looms 2020

We’re seeking submissions for the 2020 issue of Easy Weaving with Little Looms, the special Handwoven issue devoted to small looms and the weavers who use them to create works with big personality. We want to read your articles about weaving and see your projects for rigid-heddle, pin, inkle, or tapestry looms. We’re especially excited about the themes for our three project sections inspired by the natural world: Animal, Vegetable, and Mineral.

Visit the Pinterest board associated with each section to see what sorts of projects we’d like and the aesthetic we’re looking for. You can also find previous issues: 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019.

Little Looms

Have an idea for a woven shawl inspired by the tail of a betta fish? Send it in! Photo by Pietro Jeng on Unsplash.


Take inspiration from all creatures great and small, from tiny, iridescent jewel beetles to tall, elaborately patterned giraffes. We want to see gorgeous handwoven accessories for your wardrobe and linens and décor for your home. We want projects inspired by color, texture, and pattern. We want to see your zebra-striped bags, fish-scale scarves, monarch butterfly shawls, and flamingo towels.

Little Looms

A set of towels inspired by a grove of birch trees would be a perfect addition to the 2020 issue of Easy Weaving with Little Looms. Photo by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash.


A section dedicated to weavings inspired by any and all plant life. Vegetable can be taken literally to include weavings inspired by the bounty of the farmers market or more broadly for projects that evoke the image of autumn leaves, grass, or the bark on a birch tree. Items might include bags inspired by your favorite flower, towels that make you think of a freshly cut orange, or a succulent themed runner. You can even take the theme to your loom and weave with raffia, linen, or other plant fibers.

Little Looms

Do you find inspiration in layers of soil or rocks? So do we! Photo by U. Burkhardt.


For the Mineral section, go beyond your favorite gemstone to weavings inspired by all kinds of geology and their beauty: the layers of Earth, dark and mysterious caverns, and the ripples of a lava flow long since cooled. We’d love to see scarves and shawls with gemstone palettes—and even some sparkle—as well as bags with texture inspired by stones, towels with gemstone-esque patterning, and striped runners that look like soil profiles.


We’re also looking for articles about weaving and weavers. These can be technical articles about specific techniques or structures, inspirational articles about design, or articles about specific weavers, weaving schools, or weaving history. While they don’t have to be related directly to the theme of Animal, Vegetable, or Mineral, it certainly doesn’t hurt to have a tie-in!

Feeling inspired? Here are the next steps!

Here are our due dates for proposals and submissions:

Proposals Due (both projects and articles): 8/7/2019

Submissions Due: 10/2/2019

Proposals for both projects and articles should be emailed to Please put the words Little Looms 2020 in the subject line. Once your project proposal is accepted, we will provide you with all the paperwork and mailing information needed.

Find documents and palettes to assist you in your proposals and submissions at

Happy Weaving!
The Handwoven Team

Featured Image: Alpen Runner by Edith and Gabi van Tassell from the 2019 issue of Easy Weaving with Little Looms. Photo by George Boe.

Be sure you have every issue of Little Looms!


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